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Lapis 98 will give a concert in honor of the onset of spring!

We have a unique opportunity to exchange a flurry of energy, positive emotions and break the dance floor. Sing the hits of the legendary "Lyapis Trubetskoy" so that the walls sway!

There is no better spring coming than in the company with your favorite hits: “Ay”, “Metelitsa”, “In a White Dress”, “Aby Cho”, “A Kid Under Investigation”, “Was in Kerch” and others, you will not think up.

"Space Circus Outsiders returned! Reggae, ska and gypsy - performed by the founders of" radical chanson "... Bear Fozzy and his incomparable jokes, Yuzik Kilevich, Trumpet and Fanfare," Evpatoria "and" Kitten "," You Threw "and" Golden Antelope "... Mad clown Mikhalok with a company of" experienced "for Lovers of the Beautiful! Why listen to a cover if there is an original? Lyapis-98 is a guarantee and professionalism," says Sergey Mikhalok.

March 8, the main holiday of spring, see you in the concert hall "Terminal"!

TRC Terminal

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